vShare Helper for PC (Windows 10/8/7) Mac, Android and iPhone

Jailbreaking was an old tradition for iPhones and iPads to install paid apps for free. But the tradition is no more since the release of iOS 9. We all know the fact that we cannot jailbreak iOS devices in 2017. Moreover, if you still try to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, it will be like killing your time. To overcome such issues, vShare Pro has come into the field and stood for the people to help installing paid apps for free. You do need to jailbreak the iPhone or iPad to install the apps like Minecraft Pocket Edition for free. For that, You need a tool called vShare Helper.

The process of installing apps and games from vShare Pro will be done using vShare Helper. And the procedure is quite different from iTunes and Apple App Store/Google Play. It will be simple if you can follow the instructions listed below. In this article, I will help you download vShare Helper for PC, Windows/Mac, iPhone, and Android. Let me take you through each and every step.

About vShare Helper

vShare Pro is an advanced version of vShare Downloads. You need to have a tool called vShare Helper to install vShare Pro on your iOS or Android Devices through a Windows or Mac Computer.

Not yet over, You have few more things to do with the app. It will help you backup your files from devices and of course, you can synchronize them later.

The app is not limited to particular tasks like Data Storing and Data Synchronizing. It will Put the Files in required places like music files will be added to the music players, etc. As I mention above, vShare Pro is a far better one; you will be able to install apps and games for free that are paid on your Android or iOS through vShare Helper on Windows or Mac.

How to Install vShare Helper?

Note: Latest Version of iTunes software is the must. Otherwise, vShare Professional will not work.

  1. Download and Install the Latest Version of iTunes from the Official Website. Or you can just update it to the latest version.
  2. Open Safari/Mozilla/Chrome or Opera on your PC. Download vShare Helper for PC from Here. Make sure that you have a working internet connection that is error free.
  3. Run the application after the downloading is over. Just initiate the process of Installing vShare Helper on your Computer. Follow the Onscreen Instructions to Finish the Installation procedure.vshare helper for pc windows
  4. Choose the location on your Windows computer where you want to Install the software. You can change the location directory before installing, but it is not that safe to change it later.
  5. The installation will be over in few minutes and then just click Go.vshare helper for iphone 2017

That’s all you need to do with the app installation. The process is not yet over. The actual procedure will start by now, and that is, installing apps and games on your device though vShare Helper on PC.

Install Apps Using vShare Helper in 2017 [User Guide]

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Computer.
  2. A Screen will show up the details like Used Space and Idle besides vShare Icon.
  3. Just Click on the vShare Icon that you can see at the right below corner of the window. So the vShare Helper on PC will Install vShare Professional on the device which is in connection with the computer.
  4. Once it is over, You should open up the vShare Pro app. The app will show the Menu of Paid, Free, and Jailbreak apps. And also, you will be able to search for the Apps and games.
  5. Choose the App by just clicking on it. That’s all. Do not forget that you need to have Latest version of iTunes on your iOS Device.

Hope the procedure will help you Install vShare App Helper on your PC, Windows. Of course, I will solve your doubts through the comments. Thank you so much for going through the installation process.

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