Download vShare for iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak

vShare is one of the best alternative app stores for iPhone or iPad. You can download the apps and games for free with just a single click. Earlier, It was mandatory to jailbreak your iOS device to install third party apps. But you can download third party apps and games for free and that too without jailbreaking. Not to forget, vShare is a den of premium apps and games. You will be able to download the apps for free that are actually paid on Apple App Store or Google Play. Today, I will help you download vShare for iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak.


Installing vShare on iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking is fascinating as it does not need your effort to violate the iOS rules. Earlier you could be able to install vShare without a computer on iOS 9, and it’s versions. But iOS 10 is not like that; You may need to have a computer to install vShare on your iOS 10. vShare Helper will do that for you.

Download vShare for iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch Without Jailbreak

So, all set to get vShare for your iDevice. Just follow the simple instructions given right below to install vShare on your iPhone or iPad and iPod Touch.

1. Download vShare Helper Latest Version for your Windows or Mac Computer.

2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC using an USB cable.

3. Start installing vShare Helper on your computer by following the on-screen instructions.

4. Double click on the vShare Helper software on your PC and click on “Yes.”

5. Now, Click on “One Key Installation” option highlighted with Green Color to continue the installation procedure.

vshare iphone download

6. vShare Helper installation will commence now, and it will be over in few minutes.

install vshare on iphone

7. Click on “Try it now” option highlighted with Green Color to detect your iPhone and Install vShare on iPhone or iPad.

download vshare for iphone

8. The Computer will detect your iDevice and Install vShare for iPhone or iPad. The installation process will take few minutes and notify you of the installation status.

download vshare ipad

9. vShare will be shown up on your iPhone after installation.

download vshare for ipad

It is as simple as that. You can follow the same instructions on any version of iPhone or iPad. Installing Apps and Games on your iDevice using vShare is a simple task but let me guide you today.

Install Apps & Games on Your iPhone or iPad Using vShare

As we all know that the vShare is a huge app to have Ringtones, the collection of apps and games, etc. You can install the apps or games for free though they are paid with ease. Just follow the simple instructions given right below.

1. Locate vShare app on the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPad.

2. Click on it to open with active internet connection.

3. Type the app or game name in the search box of the app and hit enter.

4. Click on the Down Arrow Mark beside the App Name and & App Icon and then on “Get.”

5. Just wait for few minutes till the app completes installing on your iDevice.

Hope it helps! The installation process of apps and games is same, and you can install any number of apps if your device has enough space. Thank you so much.

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